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Product Update #1 (May 2022)

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We continue improving Vantage to help you boost the installation management workflow and achieve more results in less time and fewer clicks. Here you can find our latest product changes. 

Project Builder

This new intuitive feature allows project managers to set up new projects directly from spreadsheet files. All they need to do is to fill in the project information, upload a file and change/confirm information, so everything is in the right column. Project Builder makes it easier when you have many different jobs within one retail campaign or stadium roll-out. 

Easily adjust your data to the right columns

Client Portal

We know the importance of easy communication with your client, so we brushed up on our client portal structure. You can now see all your clients together with their contacts, easily manage all the contact details and edit them. When sharing a job with a client, you can select a specific contact person, so everyone gets the information they need.

Clients can see the current status of a job, i.e. active, pending or completed. You can select the photos you want to share with them once you get a signature and photos from your installers. You are in full control of the information you want them to see.

Learn more about Client Portal

Quick Edit and Invite

You can now speed up your job management by using two new buttons in your dashboard—Edit and Invite. For example, when inviting new installers to several jobs, you can quickly select all the jobs you need in one view and add the new installers by selecting them in the next view. No need to invite installers to each job individually now!

Quick invite

By using the quick edit feature, you can add a new client contact or a job owner. Share a job with a client contact in the client portal and add a job to a project. 

Easy edit

A small tip: You can use this feature when you need to edit only one job. Makes it faster as well! 

Time Zones

You can now work all across the world without any miscommunication about what time the project starts and making sure you communicated the right time to your team of installers. In the Job Information window, you can now select the Timezone of Job and go for the one where the job is taking place.

Select the time zone you need

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