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6 Ways You Can Simplify Your Wayfinding Signage Installations

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As an installation project manager, you often have to accept that about 40% of your productivity is lost to task-switching. It is part of your daily responsibilities to juggle diverse work processes that require lots of attention and energy. Communicating client's requirements, finding available installers and sub-contractors, transferring the documents, and managing last-minute requests can cause a fair amount of hassle and stress.

If you’re anything like us, you probably love finding ways to optimise your wayfinding signage installation projects and deliver them to your clients more efficiently and successfully — with good quality, within budget and on time. It is essential to stay ahead of issues that could impact your client's satisfaction and cause unnecessary costs in the future.

Let's dive into practices that can help you manage your installations workflow smarter and get more done in less time.

1. Choose a single platform for communication

It’s easy to get lost in the communication between all the parties and phone calls, emails, social media, and messaging apps. Therefore, choosing a single platform for communication with project manager, installers, suppliers, sub-contractors, and customers will help you reduce the time spent trying to keep everybody up to date.
Additionally, to keep your communication platform more organised, archive group chats upon completion. There are tools specifically designed with such features, where the software automatically adds each team member to a group chat and archives it once the assignment is complete.

2. Create a calendar overview

Flawless time management is often the key solution to simplify any signage or graphic installation project. An interactive job calendar can help you track the workload of your in-house teams to better allocate jobs and understand when your team might be overloaded. As a result, you will manage to arrange work with subcontractors before it becomes an issue. Therefore, when choosing time management and scheduling tools, consider such features as colour coding that can help you further organise your work by status.
Implementing a time management tool will improve communication and boost productivity within your team, as everyone will be aware of the current workload and notified about changing deadlines.

3. Have a look at your logistics scheduling

Optimisation of your signage installation processes is not only about the work done during the install but also before it. One of the essential steps to consider in advance is logistics. Review the time when the signage and printed graphics are due to be delivered and when your signage installers are starting their work. That way, your crew won’t be left waiting for the materials to arrive (and vice versa!). Organising all this ahead of time will also simplify the process and leave your client satisfied.

4. Provide all the necessary information

Wayfinding signage installation in the airport

Wayfinding makes the unfamiliar familiar, providing navigational information in a clear form that anybody can understand anywhere — in airports, on event sites, or in office buildings. Therefore, wayfinding signage and graphics installations require a strategic storytelling approach.

For directional signage being strategically placed throughout the route, the team of installers needs to be aware beforehand of the location plan and receive the specifics of the signage rollout from the design team. Ensuring that the information is gathered and communicated between the teams before installers arrive at the venue will help you minimise the number of phone calls and avoid disruptions to your own work day and that of your colleagues.

Learn more on helping your installers to adopt a new software to make sure everyone is onboard.

5. Automate repetitive tasks

Automation is a powerful tool to save time at work so that you can focus on things that matter. From workflow management software to artificial intelligence programs, there are many solutions available to help you to automate the administrative work you repeat throughout the day. You can choose the one that works best for you, taking into consideration the features offered.

For example, Vantage is specially designed for signage & graphics installation project management. You can store all the documents related to each job in one place, no matter the file format or size, and share the information that your in-house team, sub-contractors and freelance installers need. No manual data sharing means less room for errors.

6. Keep your database of installers up to date

Set up an active database of every in-house and freelance installer you work with, together with details of their skills, tools, insurances, cards & certifications. By doing so, you and your colleagues will manage to find and book installers for any project with a clear understanding of who is best for that particular job. And in case of a cancellation, you can quickly find a substitute.

Put an end to unproductive and overcomplicated workflow

Wayfinding signage installations require precision and attention to detail. Thus, clarity is the key to your client's satisfaction, as everyone wants to find their destination with ease. Besides helping others not have to think twice when finding their way, you can simplify your path to faster-completed installation projects.

At Vantage, we build installation management software that is made to save you time, money and resources. Therefore, we offer features that help you manage every aspect of all jobs in one place. Our software enables the possibility to organise a more significant workload and help your business grow.

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