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5 Reasons Why Installation Project Management Software Will Make Your Life Easier, Not Harder

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Should you implement new software to manage your installations? — is not an easy question. You may have many concerns about installation management software — what if it makes your job more challenging, complicates your to-do list with more steps and overloads your mind? The truth is, it can become your best friend who helps speed everything up and make complex things simple. 

There are several reasons why such software has the full potential to become your best friend when managing signage and graphics installation projects, whether it’s a vinyl application or a wall decal installation. Introducing a new system to your daily routine can help you deliver better and faster results in business. According to Workzone, team members save about 498 hours a year. And if it’s a industry-specific tool, you can save even more! 

So, let’s explore the reasons why it’s possible and what impact it can have on your team. 

Reason #1: The onboarding & switching process is fast and easy

The first thing on your to-do list when implementing a new installation management tool will be team onboarding. The procedure of switching from your current tools and setting up a team is straightforward and doesn’t take much time. Usually, you only need to fill in the information, such as name, email and phone number, and installers instantly receive the invitation to sign up. So you can promptly start setting up the jobs and allocating signage and graphics installers to them. Most modern workflow tools also have an import feature, so that you don't lose any of your old or current projects and switch from your current software with ease.

Introducing the new installation software to your team can also be quite a challenge. Your team may be resistant to change especially if they don’t see the value. Thus, we’ve prepared an article on how to increase adoption and help installers use new software to get the job done easier, faster and right the first time. 

Reason #2: The software is specifically tailored to your industry

When facing business challenges, we go to professionals in specific niches that help us solve these issues in the best way possible. CPA firms help us with financial questions, whilst attorneys help to deal with legal matters. Working in the wide format industry, we also seek professionals with specific knowledge. This way, the help we receive will be adjusted to our needs and benefit us the most. 

Graphics installation software is created with the same purpose — to respond to specific audience's needs. Just like WhatsApp is designed for easy team communication, Google for quick searching, installation project management software is there to improve the installation management processes for printing industry specialists. Such tools are designed to fit your current processes without having to adjust them to the application. For example, Vantage was created based on customers' feedback and their unmet needs.

Signage installation tools are designed to fit your current processes

There are distinctive features that help to complete signage installations successfully, such as: 

  • Interactive job calendar. This type of feature helps to avoid conflicts and plan smarter. You can prevent any job overlaps or mix-ups by getting a real-time view of your installation schedule, deadlines, the workload of each signage and graphics installer, and the current status of all jobs.
  • Team communication with in-app massaging. Having the whole project crew in one chat able to access RAMS and other info is an optimal way to save time instead of duplicating information and double-checking with each individual if the info has been received.
  • Secure and reliable document storage. Installation project management tools offer a unified system where besides being able to communicate with the whole team, you can also keep documents from getting lost by having secure and reliable document storage.   
  • Fast project sign-off. This feature benefits everyone on the team. Installers quickly submit completion photos after the job is done, and you can instantly share them with a customer and proceed to steps regarding the payment. As a result, no delays that affect your customer service and team stress level.

Reason #3: You can automate your routine tasks

A few clicks instead of switching between many standard tools that aren’t perfectly tailored to your needs undoubtedly save time and a lot of energy. When you automate many administrative tasks repeating throughout the day, you can focus on the things that matter the most. This way, you boost your productivity and can serve more clients in a shorter amount of time. The quality of your work also increases as there is less room for errors compared to situations when you have to share the information manually.

For example, Service Graphics use Vantage for their signage installation management. Considering how busy the role of installation managers can get, they now have more time to develop their business. They can check everyone’s availability in a couple of clicks, instead of making 10 or more calls, and share all the relevant information with the sign fitters that will do the job.

Reason #4: You can speed up the install process

Besides the fact that installation management software boosts your productivity, it also speeds up the work of your installation team. Signage and graphics installers can access all the key information and files relating to each job, so they can quickly find any details about each installation — location plan, time and date, RAMS, and visual briefs. This way, they can progress with the installation and not spend extra time waiting for the information from you. 

Reason #5: You get high-level control over what is happening

One more benefit of print and signage installation management software is that it allows monitoring the progress of all the projects your team is tasked with. You can have a full overview of the availability of your sign fitters and be able to schedule them for wrap installation projects in the most efficient way. As well, since you can see all the information about your team on the app, you can check if installers have the necessary skills and experience to work on fabric graphics or wall decal installations.

You can manage and track the progress of your team without having to keep everything in your mind and juggle from one signage and graphics installation project to another. A few extra steps at the beginning to start using new software will save you a few thousand hours later. 

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