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How to Win More Clients as a Signage Installation Subcontractor Business

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Winning customers as an installation subcontractor in the print and signage market is like a game where many different strategies can be implemented. As the global economy is projected to grow 4.9% in 2022, the boost in demand for printed graphics and signage installations will be inevitable. But with more opportunities comes more competition. To ensure your signage installation subcontracting company stays competitive, you need to be strategic and organised with your project management practices. With the right planning and decisions, you can win the loyalty of the signage and print companies you want to work with.

Loyal customers will play a pivotal role in the success of your subcontracting company as 65% of a company’s profit comes from existing customers. They bring revenue and profitability to develop and gain market share in the signage and graphics installation business.

Here are six ways to boost your company growth when you’re up against others:

Differentiate by offering additional service

One way to achieve customer growth is with the help of service differentiation, which requires out of the box thinking when exploring options and deciding on the right strategy. 

As a sign installation subcontractor, you can start by offering installations for an extensive range of products rather than focusing on only one — vinyl graphics, vehicle graphics, digital signage, shopfront window displays and banners, architectural signage etc.

There are several ways to differentiate your services from other sign and graphics installation companies. For example, by offering customer training, your customers will have the opportunity to learn how to take care of and get the most out of your high quality installs over time. Training your customers on how to handle the signage specifics will also assure them of your knowledge and experience, giving them extra confidence that you are the right person for their project.

You can also offer various services prior to the installation itself, including site investigation and in-depth estimates of the installation project. In this case, you are expected to have a holistic knowledge of the printed graphics installation industry and the printing company you are consulting for, including its budget, expectations, and signage design and materials. 

Lastly, maintenance and repair is an excellent way to take care of your customers’ needs and gain additional revenue after the installation itself.

Differentiate your business through specialisation

You can stand out by becoming an expert in a specific niche and thus appeal specifically to a particular customer searching for vinyl graphics installations. For this, you will need precise trend analysis and strategic thinking to spot a niche consumer interest before it shifts to the mainstream. 

For example, sustainability plays a vital role in the decision-making of products and services in any industry, including wide-format printing. So by implementing an eco-friendly approach to your installation business and the materials you use, you can become an expert for that market and stand out from the crowd.

Improve your workflow

Speed up your processes by implementing effective time-management methods. Project management software specifically designed for graphics and signage installation management will be the key solution for effective communication with your clients and installers. This way, everyone in your team will always be aware of the current workload, any project changes and upcoming deadlines. This chain of active updates will establish a great understanding between you and your customers and ensure that they will return in the future. 

One tool that you can implement is Vantage — workflow management software for printed graphics & signage installations. The Vantage dashboard helps streamline the processes of accepting and organising installers’ work, where printing clients can share all the necessary information. It allows you to take on additional work without toing and froing over the phone while details are confirmed and queried. So everyone can benefit from the time saved and focus on the things that matter.

Read more on helping your installers to adopt new software in our recent article.

Present your subcontracting company online

Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching services in their area. So you are missing out if you are not utilising  online channels to grow awareness about your wrap installation company and reach more wide-format printing customers.

Digital platforms are a chance to showcase your past projects, present your vinyl graphics installation services and prove to clients your credibility. Set up social media profiles and your company’s website, grow your follower base and encourage your clients to leave a review about their customer experience. Online reviews give power to the customers to tell their side of the experience working with a subcontractor installation company and help your potential customers make a decision.

Signage Installations Directory is an industry-specific database to help print & signage companies find the installers they need for their projects. You can promote your business there for free by filling out a form here.

Offer personalised customer experience

We crave customisation. We quickly connect to things tailored for us and our needs. It makes us feel delighted by such personalised treatment. We also respond to personalisation better as it gives us a sense of control. 

In the case of an installation subcontracting company, you can grant your clients this satisfaction by the possibility to decide on the level of involvement in the sign and graphics installation processes. This way, you can ensure your customers are only present at the stages most relevant to them. It will make them feel you understand their needs and value their time.

Train and certify your team

Customers want to know they can rely on your business. To prove your teams’ skills and high quality of service, help your installers pass certifications, have safety badges and hand them together with your contact details. For example, when using Vantage, your installers can add skills, tools and location info, as well as copies of their insurance, CSCS, PASMA, IPAF, and other qualifications and certifications. So in the case of large-scale architectural signage installations, your client will be aware that your team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to install at hard-to-reach spots safely.

So with the right strategy and a strong focus, you can go ahead and get ahead of your competitors. We are rooting for you! 

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