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Does your workplace communication style measure up?

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Communication in the workplace is important—this is something universally known. Unfortunately, a closer look at in-house communication styles may reveal that things aren’t always as clear as we think.

Here’s a look at the various communication approaches used in the industry currently and why there might be a better way.

What makes workplace communication so important?

Communication is the linchpin which holds a team together. It enhances the relationship between employees and senior staff members and helps create a positive company culture.

According to the HR experts at CIPD, very few employees feel like they get enough information from employers or senior staff members. The same research suggests that employees are more engaged at work when information is free flowing. Transparent communication also helps employees feel more trusted. All the more reason to invest time in getting it right!

Communication overload

How many different communication methods do you use for business every day? Most professionals in the installation or graphics trade swap between emails, text, phone calls and messenger apps, depending on which job they’re working on and who they’re talking to.

In a recent workplace communication survey, 42% of respondents felt that too many different forms of communication were the biggest cause of miscommunication. Many of them (63%) felt that better tools would help resolve the issue.

Running a smooth installations project requires multiple parties to be in sync, in terms of the creative brief, basic job details and what progress looks like. Without great communication in place, staff can become frustrated and jobs can go wrong.

Steps to improve workplace communication

Effective workplace communication needs a clear strategy and process if it’s going to withstand the trials of day-to-day practical use. Before you create yours, here are some workplace communication techniques to consider:

Commit to one communication type

Hopping between different types of communication (emails, texts, apps etc.) can lead to confusion and makes it much harder to find specific conversations/contact information, because nothing is consistent.

Try to commit to channelling all workplace communications through one medium, preferably something which is easy for everyone and is accessible even on the go. Combine the best of both worlds with a specialised installation platform like Vantage, so all communications are categorised by job, can be accessed anywhere and are organised in a centralised location.

  • Take the fastest route to your recipient

Don’t you hate it when you send an urgent message about job changes or staffing, only to have it missed by crucial members of the team? It’s a one-way ticket to large, expensive mistakes.

Platforms like Vantage allow you to send instant notifications to the installers and project managers involved on specific installation jobs, so everyone stays on the same page. You could also try this same tactic to hire for jobs, too. Just send out a notification to all local or available installers and save yourself the trouble of calling recruiters or emailing individual freelancers.

  • Create a central file location

It’s a familiar picture: a member of your team has called in sick and you desperately need to find their files. What about freelance installers out on location, without quick access to the important forms or layouts they need to complete the job? You can easily fix both issues by creating a central location for all your files.

Choose a platform with access that can be granted to specified individuals, with appropriate levels of security, and place all files together, so the right people have access to the appropriate files whenever they need it. You could also choose a platform like Vantage, which helps you create the same thing.

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