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How collaboration shapes our working experience

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Workplace collaboration has a positive impact on business success – this is something we all know. What isn’t often discussed is the impact it can have on our working experience and professional development.

Here’s a deeper insight into the personal benefits to be gained from workplace collaboration and why it pays to encourage collaborative working practices as often as possible.

Better working relationships

Frequent workplace collaborations can help improve the professional relationships we have with our colleagues which, in turn, improves workplace happiness.  Aside from being much happier at work, experts think that when we have a shared sense of purpose with our teammates, productivity is boosted by 50% and we’re 7 times more likely to be engaged with work.

Faster skill development

By encouraging collaboration between different employees and teams, individuals will naturally pick up skills from one another. When the skills shortage is making good talent hard to find, skill sharing is a valuable way to make the absolute best of what you already have in-house.

Collaboration also generates more understanding, empathy and respect across teams. When you understand the limits and facets of each person’s role, you’ll become more efficient at asking the right people for the right help.

Less friction on the road to project completion

Sometimes project roadblocks are inevitable – it’s the speed with which they’re overcome which benchmarks how successful your team is. A group of individuals with combined skill sets are likely to be more efficient at solving issues than a single individual who may only approach it from one aspect. When projects run smoothly, there’s a far greater sense of satisfaction to be had from work.

Improves communication

There are few jobs which don’t require good communication skills – it’s essential for almost every position, industry-wide. When employees are frequently placed into situations that require them to articulate themselves clearly, they’ll quickly learn to hone their abilities. If they don’t, they’ll have access to a group of peers who can help guide their professional development with feedback.

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