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Modern tools in traditional industries: is it finally time to digitise?

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Print is dead, or so we’re often told. Despite this, the industry continues to evolve its approach to the craft of laying ink on substrates and creating innovative new structures for display.

In the last few years alone, installations, graphics and signage industries have experienced innovations like Latex print technology, large format photo printing and 3D metal printing to name only a few. In stark contrast, project management, communication and planning methods are still tied up in tradition, failing to evolve from spreadsheets, emails and paperwork.

It’s understandable that some might feel reluctant to let go of traditional methods—they might be more labour intensive but they’ve worked for years and are tried and tested. Unfortunately, traditional methods might be holding you back when it comes to addressing the needs and expectations of modern customers and clients.

The changing pace of modern commerce

In today’s world, speed is everything. Customer and client expectations are built on immediate gratification—they’re asking for faster turnarounds, lower prices, higher volumes and more ground-breaking creative solutions than ever before. As a technologically savvy demographic, they understand what modern tools can deliver and when a provider fails to match the standard, they will find someone who does.

With this in mind, innovative creative solutions may not be enough to fuel business growth. Without modern tools to advance process workflows, few businesses will be able to reach the speed, agility or consistency of service that clients expect.

Modern business tools that promote business growth

1. Automation

Automation isn’t just limited to the print facility or work room. Plenty of businesses are already using the technology to get ahead. According to recent figures, 61% of businesses are already using some form of automation or AI for project management, marketing and HR.

For the signage, graphics and installation industries, automation could speed things up considerably, while also eliminating human-error. Manual, time-intensive tasks, like hiring and briefing freelance installers, updating job statuses for projects and getting client sign offs could all be automated to give consistent, real-time communication for each team member.

2. Team communication platforms

The free flow of information increases engagement, reduces mistakes and gives company culture a healthy boost. Workplace communication may be key to success, but there are still plenty of businesses overcomplicating the process.

Signage, graphics and installations companies typically use a range of methods for workplace communication, including text, emails, phone calls and messenger apps. When asked, 63% of professionals said that they felt better communication tools would help give more clarity at work.

Platforms like Vantage can give teams a shared space to chat and work, leaving little room for miscommunication. Project managers have the tools to create and assign tasks which employees can complete and check-off in real time. Communication platforms also provide a central location to share files, documents and ideas.

3. Analytics

The more you know about your customer, your processes, your product and your business performance, the more successful you can become. Research has shown that companies who have adopted advanced digital capabilities grow far faster than their competitors.

As a business, you channel huge quantities of data through the systems you use each day, from your finances to customer activity on your company website. There are plenty of ways to make use of your own business data, some of which could be as simple as plugging an analytics API into a system you already use. Making use of these insights can help you invest in the right area of your business, advertise more effectively and show where productivity can be improved.

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